The Benefits of the N95 Mask


Courtesy of Lite Pak Mask

Zachary York

Recently, the N95 mask has been recommended by medical professionals as a better method of protection against Covid 19. Before the newest variant of covid, most people were wearing the basic cloth and surgical masks and still are. But you should switch to the N95 mask because it can filter the particles better than both cloth and surgical masks. But are these masks better and what are their benefits?


The N95 mask is the safest mask yet according to an article published by NBC News which states that “the N95 mask blocks about 99 percent of particles” compared to other masks. Cloth masks only block an average of 26.5 percent of particles, while a two-layer woven nylon mask with a filter insert blocked 79 percent of particles. These masks are great, but are they available?


To find out more on the N95 masks, I asked teachers and students about the N95 mask. I asked how the mask felt on their face and if they prefer it over cloth and surgical. When asking a student they said “It feels pretty comfortable but I prefer the cloth mask over the N95”. I also asked a teacher if the N95 mask made them feel safe. They said ”Yes it does make me feel safer because I have heard that it’s better at preventing the spread of the virus”.


President Biden has made a plan to spread N95 masks all over America. The Biden administration will make 400 million N95 masks available for the public starting next week. The masks will be coming from the national stockpile and you can pick them up at your local pharmacy. They are limiting the amount of N95 masks to three per person