Are Impossible Meats Really Worth the Money?

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Gabriel Navarro

     I can almost guarantee that most students have heard of impossible meats. Many fast food franchises advertised their plant based meats even to go as far as to say that they are healthier. What are Impossible Meats, why are they the craze right now, and why are they claimed to be healthier than normal meat?

     Beyond meats are plant based meats made from sweeteners, oils, fats, and more. Even though some people say they taste funny you cannot deny the fact that they are just more healthy. A study shows they have less calories, fats and cholesterol but also have less protein fibers and more carbohydrates.The Beyond meat also lacks in vitamins like vitamin B6 or Vitamin D which are very important for your body. But, Beyond meats have less risk of health problems caused by normal meat like high cholesterol or obesity. You might think that beyond burgers are just healthier, but the numbers that separate calories per burger are close to nothing. Beyond burgers will only save you 46 calories and 2g of saturated fats. 

     Personally, I think that for health reasons cholesterol is the only big win for Beyond Meats, but I’m not saying there are less benefits to beyond meats than normal meats. Introducing carbon emissions about 14.5% of carbon emissions comes from livestock. You might say that’s not a lot, but 14.5% also equals 7.1 Gigatons of carbon being released into the atmosphere. That is 15.4 trillion pounds of carbon released into the atmosphere by livestock. By eating Beyond Meats you can cut carbon emissions off by a lot, which can slow global warming down. If everyone stops it will cut the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere by a large amount. This can help the Earth’s climate and help everyone who is being affected by global warming. Austin Agosoft stated, ”I think beyond meats are just flat out better since they will make the climate more manageable, and will help save Islands from being consumed by water”.

     Maybe you really want to get Beyond meat burgers right now to help the climate, but there is one downside to them. That is the cost. An average beyond meat burger costs a lot more than the average beef burger. The cost of two beyond meat patties can be $6, while you can get a pound of ground beef ,and make three times that number for less. Some families who cannot afford this food just end up avoiding them completely. Even at fast food areas they cost more than the average burger. High schooler Brandon Katz says, “To be completely honest I don’t think Beyond Beef is worth the money because it tastes a bit funny, and buying normal meat is easier and cheaper”. This causes people or people in families to endup buying normal beef because it is cheaper , and can feed all of them for less. And you might think this article is just about beyond burgers, but maybe we can put them on the cafeteria menu. For kids with health problems or vegetarians, this option would be amazing and everyone would settle for these burgers. The only thing putting this idea out of Rio is the price of the Beyond Meats. To buy a lot of meat for all the cafeteria it would cost two times more than what it is already. But if we could, Rio Norte would help the environment, student health, and students who are vegetarian!