New Six Flags Magic Mountain Roller Coaster


Courtesy of Six Flags

Carson Caldaronello

A new and unique coaster is coming to Magic Mountain! There are a lot of people excited for this ride. There is a similar coaster called Jersey Devil at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. That ride wasn’t as good and it was meant to be, so hopefully this ride will be what it is supposed to be. It will be called Wonder Woman Flight of Courage


The coaster will be the park’s 20th coaster, which will just make the record for the most coasters in the world even higher because Magic Mountain already broke that record.

The park wanted to do something big for their 20th coaster, so they bought a new coaster model built by RMC (Rocky Mountain Construction). This model is called the Raptor. This is such a unique coaster because instead of having a wide track with 2 seat rows on the train, it has a skinny track with one rail that has one seat per row on its train. This allows for tighter maneuvers at higher speeds.


This revolutionary ride will be 131 feet tall, making it the tallest single rail coaster on Earth. It will also be the fastest at 58 miles per hour, plus a near-vertical drop at 87 degrees. It’ll be in the DC Universe section of the park, right next to Riddler’s Revenge. Green Lantern and Tidal Wave have been taken down to build this ride. Also, Batman as well as the whole DC Universe is closed during construction to keep the guests extra safe in case of an accident during the process.


RMC began construction somewhere around October or November and the ride is planned to open in summer of 2022. If it does open this quickly, it will be very fast for the construction of a roller coaster. Jaxen Ramos (8th grade) and Noa Keawekane (8th grade) are both excited for this ride. Jaxen Ramos says “I can’t wait to ride it!”. I can’t wait to ride it either!