What the Truck


Courtesy of Whats Up SCV

Tom McMullen

What the Truck is a food truck meet up in Santa Clarita that is hosted by What’s Up SCV instagram affiliates, most Thursdays from 4 to 9 pm. It is located at the parking lot of Higher Vision Church, 28776 The Old Rd, Valencia. 


There is a first time vendor, Los Ruizenores, that is a taco truck. I wanted to try it but they were sold out when I got there. I asked a gentleman that worked there and he said, “ I am very surprised we sold out tonight” he also said, “We will be back hopefully”


 Other vendors that will be there Thursday the 20th are Heavy Handed cheeseburgers, the tropic truck with seafood,Happy Ice shaved ice, Poutine Brothers loaded fries, stuffed crepe with crepes and Vurritos burritos. There’s also parton tacos, grilled cheese n’ things grilled cheese and sweet LA bakery.


I tried out Vurrito Burrito’s, I got the O.G. It contains steak, avocado, tomato, mayo and a cheesy crust. It was very tasty but had too much meat and not enough juice. Part of the meat was dry and they didn’t use their fancy cheesy crust on one side of my burrito. 6.5/10 The guy was very nice.


I also tried poutine Brother loaded fries, I got the beef brisket fries. It contained Fresh hand-cut fries, wisconsin white cheddar curds, Homemade brown gravy, beef brisket and fresh chives. I enjoyed my meal and service, the only downside was that they put all of the ingredients on top of the food rather than layering it so that each bite contains a good mix of brisket, cheese and gravy. Obviously along with the fries. 9/10


For desert I had Stuffed crepes Strawberry banana crepe with chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. The actual crepe wrapping was thick and dry, seemed like it was pre purchased and just filled up with fruit. 2/10


There was a lot of people gathered there in one area, I didnt see any signs about masks but everyone kind of already knew that they had to. There was heaters and areas where visitors can bring their own chairs and sit down. Unfortunately customers had to sit on a curb or stand when they eat but other that that it was a great experience.