Pros and Cons of Mountain Biking


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Crue Redfern

Mountain biking is a sport that is fun but

has some risks as well. When people first start out they have trouble understanding what can happen when mountain biking, whether it’s getting injured or receiving benefits for your body. There are many pros and cons towards mountain biking that you need to know if you want to start. One of Rio Norte’s assistant principals, Mr. Flores enjoys mountain biking in his spare time and says, “I like being outside, its good for exercise. It’s a hobby, something I enjoy doing.”


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Mountain biking has many benefits. For example, mountain biking can help strengthen your lower body, specifically your legs because when biking, people use their lower body. It also just helps your body in general, because you are working out your whole body. Mountain biking can also help with your overall mood the way that it helps with your mood is by releasing endorphins. By releasing endorphins, it allows your body to feel good and get more energy. Mountain biking can also help you sleep better. You sleep better by making your body tired after a long bike ride so when you go to sleep it improves your regenerative sleep cycle. Although there are many benefits to mountain biking there also come some drawbacks.


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Even though their are many benefits, there are quite a few cons. Mountain biking is an enjoyable activity but it also is dangerous. A few things you should know about mountain biking is that when you first start out it can be hard for beginners to get used to the riding position. The riding position can be uncomfortable for the neck and wrists. Also, when you are riding at first, buying a good bike that comes equipped with a shock can be pricey so if you don’t have enough money to afford one then it might be harder to get to know how to ride. If you have been riding for a while or you haven’t experienced crashing and getting injured, you need to be careful bikers. Make sure aren’t falling off a cliff, or just falling in general. If you mountain bike a lot during the week then be careful because riding too much, can imbalance your muscles causing the other muscles in your body to not be at the same strength level as the others. This can result in, loss of strength, increase of injury risk, loss of neuromuscular coordination, and a loss of endurance.

In conclusion, this sport can be very helpful for your body, but it can also damage your body. To not pull a muscle while riding, make sure to stretch your body out so it’s nice and loose. Also, make sure to also stretch your legs even more because that’s your key body part for movement. If you know the advantages and drawbacks for mountain biking, you can lower the risks for your body during a biking session.