Courtesy of the League of Legends Fandom Wiki

Lucas Nguyen and Mia Low

Netflix and Riot Games (The company that made League of Legends) have already officially confirmed that a second season of “Arcane,” an animated show that follows the origin stories of multiple characters of the hit game “League of Legends”, is already in production. Arcane was first streamed on November 6th of 2021, and surprised the LoL (League of Legends) community as a whole.


Arcane is set in the utopian city known as Piltover, and the ghetto underground of Zaun. It follows the stories of two orphaned sisters who find themselves on opposing sides over ideologies and technology. One works for an underground mob boss, and the other, a prisoner forced to work with a cop. In the overworld, two scientists are risking everything to further the advancements of their city, completely ignoring the struggles of the underworld. Keep in mind that you need 0 prior knowledge of League of Legends to watch Arcane.


Released in three separate acts, Arcane has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has still maintained that score as well as receiving one of IGN’s first 10/10 ratings. After the release of Act III, releasing on November 20th,  Arcane has had 72,590,000 hours viewed globally. To clear up confusion, both of the authors of this article despise League of Legends. We would rather die than play that cursed game. It has also surpassed the global hit Squid Game as the most popular show on Netflix in more than 50 countries after its debut.


The ever growing fans have been ecstatic with the confirmed production of season 2. However, the show will not be coming out in 2022. Fans have speculated that the earliest season 2 will come out will be in 2023; although that is just a rumor. But, we do know that you can’t end a series like Arcane so short, furthering our speculation for further seasons. If Riot Games does not deliver another season, the internet as a collective will be disappointed.


The reviews of Arcane have been especially good at Rio Norte. Many students that have been interviewed gave many great reviews to the show. A student in 7th grade had commented “Arcane is such a great show!” Another student has also said,”I think that Arcane has such a great story and even though I have never played League of Legends I never got lost watching the story.” Ethan Nguyen, a 10th grader at Valencia High School, says,“The story was great, and most of the characters were really good. Especially Silco.”  


This is great news for every single Arcane fan, as an expansion of this beloved story is in the making. For those who haven’t watched Arcane, go watch it. It will be very worth your time, and you will very much enjoy it.