Squid Game


Ananya Joseph

We all love watching entertaining TV shows in our free time, with family, friends, and sometimes just to binge.  Well, there is a new show on Netflix called Squid Game. Squid Game is a K-Drama about a group of people in urgent need of money. They are picked to play in the deadly world of children’s games. They may win a enormous amount of money but the risks are high. It is a drama and horror/thiller fiction that is rated MA (mature audience). It was released on September 17, 2021 and has been a big hit since then, attracting more than 111 million viewers. It remained on the top spot on Netflix for 24 days. While some people think of it as just a TV show, psychologists have a different opinion on letting kids watch it.

Although the storyline may be interesting, some scenes may be inappropriate for kids to watch. Dr. Robin Gurwitch from Duke University medical school wrote in Peoples Magazine that, “This is not something young children should be watching. There is nothing redeeming or  positive here for children.” This was pretty straight forward, but there are larger mental impacts that it could have on kids. Although every kid is different, it is rated for mature audiences so it is best for us to skip watching it. Parents may also worry about letting their kids view it and they have some valid points.

Kids are not prepared to process these kind of images, especially without adult supervision. This can cause behavior that is not good for you and your mental health. What makes it harder is that it is already trending on social media and being talked about between friends in school. This persuades kids even more to consider  watching it. “It is hard to stop the train once it has left the station.” It is always important to be influenced by the right things.

Students at Rio Norte have watched the show too. Here is their opinion on the show: A 7th grader who watched the show said, “I don’t think little kids should be watching it because it is really graphic but I can’t really be the judge of that, it is really based on what their parents want there child watching.”A 8th grader from Rio Norte also shared her opinion. She said,” I enjoyed the show a lot actually. I thought it was really entertaining, in fact I watched the entire show in one night. The story line was really good! It hooked you in and made you attached to specific characters.” But she also stated that it was extremely violent and had many adult themes. “… so it would be safe to say that it was not intended for kids, nor is it appropriate for them.”

Our school librarian Mr. Gonsalves has also seen this show.”It’s pretty good so far, the character development in the main character is great, and some of the supporting characters are engaging too. The setting is also unique and fun to look at, but it can be a little over the top and unbelievable at times. Some scenes seem like they were only included just for the shock value.” He came to know about the show from Netflix when it was on the big banner. Then he heard it from some family and friends, and decided to check it out. He further mentioned his opinion if kids should be watching it or not, “No… some of the scenes or discussions may be something many students are not familiar with or find very interesting, and it addresses Korean/American social issues that could be confusing for kids. Plus the language and gore factor make it hard to watch at times in an “over the top” kind of way. (I actually had to look away from the screen a few times!) Watch it when you are older, but definitely don’t watch it just yet!”

This really shows how impactful what we watch can be on us and how we act. Ever since the debut of this show it has been very popular. It has reached people who have not watched it through other social media platforms. Squid Game themed Halloween costumes are trending and teens are recreating some scenes with their friends on TikTok and Youtube. It is been compared to the book series “Hunger Games” as they both have a similar plot. It is important to know that what we watch has a great impact on our actions and the kind of people we are. Remember, we  become what we watch.