Courtesy of The Wagyu Shop

Lucas Nguyen

Since the beginning of time, humans have been killing and eating animals for food. We still do it today, but in a more civilized manner. We take such consideration of the blends of flavors, and the rawness of the steak. After all of that prep, the steak could cost $20-30 on average. But what about the more expensive meats?

Meet Wagyu, known as the world’s most expensive steak. It originated in Japan, where farmers let the cows rest and feed more, resulting in fattier cows. There are four breeds of the cow, but they mostly breed the Japanese Black. The only other widely breeded cow is the Japanese Brown, which is also called the Japanese Red. But, why is wagyu so expensive? The cows which produce wagyu are raised very differently from how average cows are raised. They are fed expensive food, which includes all sorts of grasses, and beer. They are allowed to eat much more food than other cows. Japanese wagyu costs about $200 per pound while American wagyu is only about 1/20 of the price. 

Wagyu is very, very different from other steaks when it comes to the taste and looks. Wagyu steak has a very rare marble, which is valued in steaks. It gives the steak a buttery melting sensation when it meets your mouth. It’s best cooked in medium to medium rare, and still tastes phenomenal with simple seasonings, like salt or pepper. You can add herbs to give it a bit more flavor, but you should keep the amount low, so you don’t override that flavor of the wagyu. Another cooking method is to try and accumulate crust on the outside of the steak, to give it more flavor. One of the best spices you could add is fresh miso, to give it a more earthy taste. Many students have very positive opinions of this. Brian Lumaya, an 8th grader at Rio Norte says, “I love wagyu. The first time I had it, I loved it. I would definitely recommend wagyu to anyone who hasn’t tried it.” 

In conclusion, wagyu is the world’s most quality, but expensive meat. It far exceeds the prices of cheaper meats, like filet mignon. It goes well with almost anything, which makes it one of the most sought after beef in the world. It is hard to acquire this beef, but it is a very rewarding experience.