Is the “Nightmare Before Christmas” a Halloween or Christmas Movie?


Courtesy of IMDB

Kailee Howards

There are so many movies that are designated to be watched on certain holidays. For example, the movie Polar Express is a movie that people watch on  Christmas, while the movie Hocus Pocus is watched on  Halloween and many more. It’s very easy to tell what genre these  movies are,  but one movie has had its  audience in a debate since 1993. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” directed by Tim Burton has been one of the most famous movies of all time, however, many  people have been debating whether or not  this movie is a Christmas or Halloween movie. 


The movie revolves around the main character, Jack Skelington who is a part of the Halloween world. He discovers the world of Christmas and wants to bring it to his world,  but with the twist of Halloween in  it. With these two holidays mixed into this movie, the audience has been wondering what the main genre of this movie is. The individuals that believe the movie revolves around Halloween, state how the movie came out October 13, 1993. Therefore they argue since the movie came out during the month of Halloween, it is considered a Halloween movie. On the other hand, the movie itself takes place in the time where Halloween is over and it is Christmas Eve. Moreover, the main character Jack Skeleton takes over the theme of Christmas and makes it spooky and scary so it doesn’t follow the original Christmas agenda. Furthermore, at the end of the movie Santa comes out and yells “ Merry Christmas” at the movie. Since the movie ends with that iconic line, individuals believe it is a Christmas movie.


8th grader Mckenzie Garcia says, “ It’s a Christmas movie, the movie mainly revolves around Christmas just the characters are Halloween themed.” Another individual who believes that this movie is a Christmas movie is our own Vice Principal, Mr. Flores. He says, “Christmas movie. It has the name Christmas in it and Jack Skellington is reenergized by this side of Christmas.” Even though these two believe Nightmare Before Christmas is considered a Chrirstmas movie, 8th grader Olivia Patron thinks otherwise. “I think it’s a Halloween movie. The whole point of the movie is how Jack Skeleton is taking over Christmas. It’s not like an original Chrirtsmas movie, therefore it’s a Halloween movie. “


In conclusion there are so many opinions on what genre this movie should be. But what do you think, Halloween or Christmas?