Top 3 ways to bring up your self esteem!


Courtesy of WellBee—Medium

Shae Perico

If you are the 6 of 12 students suffering from low self esteem you’re not alone. Many students and teachers have noticed a drop in self esteem and struggle to think positive thoughts about themselves. Here are 3 simple ways to bring up your self esteem, number one, blocking out any toxic friends from your life, Two, try to refrain from referring to yourself as shy, timid or awkward and lastly take a day just for yourself maybe do your hair or dress nicely or take a nice bath with a calming bath bomb. Now let’s jump right into it.

You may have been wondering “why does it matter if I label myself as awkward, shy or timid?” Well, studies have shown that when you label yourself as something you push yourself to be like that label. Secondly I think it is pretty obvious as to why you should block out all toxic friends, if you don’t lose those toxic friends soon it is likely that they will soon have a negative impact on your thoughts toward yourself and your mental health. Finally just relaxing and taking a day for yourself could help release your stress. One of my very good friends has been trying these methods out for about a week and they said that this has helped them so much and they feel way less stressed and better about themselves, they have said that they do not want their name released.

In conclusion I think that you should try these methods out for yourself to help your mental and physical health!