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Courtesy of the New York Times

Fiona Brown

Reading books is an important habit to build into your life. The aspect of informative, fictional, non-fictional, biography, and autobiography are all book types that you can learn from. Reasons why reading books is important is; It can help improve memory, increase empathy, and strengthen connections in the brain. It is scientifically proven that reading can jolt your brain into action and help engage multiple aspects of your mind.

First, Reading books can help with your memory. It helps heighten your brain function. Stimulating activities such as reading have been proven to slow down cognitive decline in old age. An NCU professor states, “Reading is a fundamental skill needed to function in society. Words – spoken and written – are the building blocks by which a child’s mind grows. Reading is not only essential to a child’s verbal and cognitive development, but it also teaches the child to listen, develop new language, and communicate. Additionally, books open a child’s imagination into discovering his or her world.” says, Dr. Duffy. Therefore-it has shown a slower rate and decline in memory, and other mental capacities.

Next, it increases empathy. This may come as a bit shocking to some viewers, but according to a direct quote from an NCU professor, Dr. Wade Fish states, “Reading expands a person’s appreciation toward other life experiences the reader is not personally experiencing, especially when reading topics that are not related to that reader’s job or lifestyle.” So, people that maybe haven’t experienced something can show more empathy rather than sympathy. It helps readers understand the pain someone is going through, just by reading about their troubles. Each story can go in depth about a circumstance that many people might not have experienced. So you can understand emotional growth in the healing process.

Last but not least, Reading can strengthen connections in the brain. As stated by the website ‘Bustle’, “According to the study, when we read, the connection between the left temporal cortex of the brain — the area associated with language reception — is heightened. What’s more, that heightened activity continues for several days following reading.” This is proving that the connections in the brain function more highly and are more visual when you are reading. People have found many scientific studies on how reading can impact your life. And the connections in your brain can become stronger, also proving how it affects your memory.

Mr. Gonsaleves, The librarian here at Rio Norte had a few things to say about reading books. He said, “I think that reading is extremely important, since it really allows you to branch out to topics you ma

Courtesy of the New Yorker

y not know very much about. You can explore a war that happened in another country with first-hand experience from a survivor, or you can relate to how awkward love can be. No matter what you are reading, it’s a different experience! And seeing the world from another person’s eyes (or words) can change your word view dramatically.”

Also, I interviewed a few students here at Rio Norte to find out a few of their favorite book series. Mariangela Montano a 7th grader says her favorite book is, Killing Me Softly, Written by Sarah Cross. Kailee Howard and 8th grader states her favorite book is ‘It Ends With Us’ Written by Colleen Hoover. Lastly, Smera Arun, a 7th grader finishes saying the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan is her favorite book.

In conclusion Reading impacts your life by strengthening your memory, increasing empathy, and heightens connections in your brain. The aspect of reading can make your brain function so much more smoothly and can very much take a toll on your life, positively. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab a book!