Monthly Zodiac: October


Sahasra Ponnuswamy

Scorpio is the 8th astrological sign out of the 12 total zodiacs. Its symbol is the scorpion, but can also be portrayed as an “M”. Scorpios are born from October 23 – November 22. Its constellation is Scorpius and it is a water sign. Along with Cancer and Pisces The dwarf planet Pluto is often associated with this zodiac. 

People under this zodiac’s influence tend to like their alone time, to the extent that they could get irritated or unhappy without it. Scorpios are also one of the most independent signs and work better when by themselves. They are also reliable when it comes to secrets, and can feel any emotion intensely. Due to their independent nature Scorpios can mature rapidly as children, and can become fiercely determined or even forceful as adults.

Scorpios can also be very adventurous and are always open to new challenges, whether it is known or unknown. They have a strong sense and reputation of boldness, which can make a Scorpio look inspirational in the eyes of others. Because of their bravery and courage, and their urge to help those who can’t protect themselves, they are excellent in leader-like positions.

A deep interest of Scorpios is to uncover the truth, the inner workings of others’ minds. To some, Scorpios can come across as cunning control freaks by others that don’t understand them. A Scorpio’s personality can go back and forth from extremes. Different Scorpios have different qualities. One could be a little distant and passionate, while another could be independent but weirdly clingy.

Positive qualities found in Scorpios are being passionate, driven, perceptive, emotional,  determined, and sacrificial. A misunderstood and complicated sign, Scorpios can appear to be cold and unapproachable. Some can even come across as intimidating.  But deep down under turbulent and wild waves, there is a giant treasure chest filled with gold, intense passion, valuables, and feelings that may have not been found at first glance.

Self Control is something  Scorpios have in abundance. They are very great at controlling themselves, and some crave it. Control makes them have a sense of safety and protection. Even though they may not tell about themselves, they can be curious about others. Their gut feelings and intuition about someone or something, good or bad, are typically very strong and accurate. They can quickly get to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to their friends and family, a Scorpio will be protective of you. They also try to avoid hurting themselves, whether physically or mentally. Because of this, they tend to be secretive and emotionless. If you have a Scorpio as a friend or family member, they will protect you to the best of their ability. Most give great advice when in need, going back to the fact that they love to know what is going on in our heads! Scorpios can keep your secrets safe, so they are of great value as friends and are very trustworthy.

When it comes to Scorpios their actions are almost always driven by their emotions. They are intense feelers and that quality can sometimes be misinterpreted as anger. If Scorpios becomes interested in something, they will be dedicated and focused on anything they invest their energy into. Even though they hid it they can be a little competitive

If you have a Scorpio as a family member (Which I do!) They are loyal to the family and can be considered a faithful friend. From an early age, they will catch up on the family statistics and will find out who to avoid and who to push further. They will stand up for their close family members, no matter who they are to them. Scorpios love spending quality family time, as long as it isn’t in the way of their work. When making crucial life plans, they will incorporate their family into them, but remove them as soon as they are added if they crossed them. 

Good careers for Scorpios are ones where they are independent and can do things by themselves. Scorpios generally do wonderful things in jobs related to psychology, and anything that includes working with people. Of course not in a team or with anybody else. They won’t pick a leaderly position on their own, but if they don’t like the leader or think they don’t deserve to be where they are, they are more than capable. It may not look like it but they may be working harder than you think.

To conclude, Scorpio is a very interesting zodiac. If you are under this zodiac sign I hope this article helps you or at least educates you on your sign. I’ll come back with another article soon!