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Fiona Brown

A huge trend currently, or something that’s going around is crystals. Tons of teenagers on tiktok, youtube, instagram, pinterest ect. Are using and buying crystals. Some of the more popular crystals are Rose Quartz, Amethyst, And other types of quartz. People are using crystals for their given ‘powers’. Each crystal is believed to help with some sort of feeling or trait; and if you want to get fancy, a Chackra. Such as stress, self love, luck, or adding harmony and balance to your soul.
One of the crystals that helps with self love and esteem is Rose Quartz. The core energy of the Rose Quartz is the heart chakra. Directing the healing of your soul, body, and mind. It provides self exeptance and forgivenance. Rose Quartz is a good starter crystal if you are new to getting or receiving crystals. A trend on TikTok is sleeping with a Rose Quartz under your pillow and waking up with ‘clear skin’. This trend might be a coincidence but is still fascinating.
Another popular crystal is Amethyst. One thing that Amethyst is good for is relieving stress and anxiety from your life. Some people call amethyst cell regeneration because it can actually help with headaches and fatigue. Amethyst is also good for emotional and spiritual protection.

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A teacher here that is passionate about crystals is Stephanie Sosa. Or, Mrs. Sosa. She is an eighth grade English teacher and she really believes in crystals and their ‘powers’. Her answer states, “I find them very calming and beautiful. You can set your intentions on them and think more positively about your life. Each one represents different things, for example; Rose Quartz is about self love, and the Tiger’s eye brings good luck and helps promote mental clarity and focus. I love wearing them and displaying the aroung my house.”
Like she states, the crystals are very personal. We can set our intentions and make positive affirmations for our life. The crystals can help tons with personal clarity, and personality. Depending on every crystal, they can help with anything. The core of the crystal is where their ‘power’ comes from. Some places that you can buy crystals are at the local Westfeild Mall, and they’re are about 1-2 crystal stores depending on what you are looking for. One place has jewlery, regular crystals, and other spiritual equitment. The other store contains raw crystal, and is a personal small store with one owner. Located on the top story, next to the store ‘Q’. The lady working there is very kind. I strongly suggest you go there.
In conclusion, crystals will help with positive affirmations joining your life, and cleansing your personality.