Tik Tok Trend Craze!

Photo Courtesy of: https://1000logos.net/tiktok-logo/

McKenna Moon

So many people are falling into these criminal Tik Tok trends and schools are suffering. Soap dispensers, bathroom mirrors, paper towel holders, fire alarms, ceiling tiles, hand railings, and many more have been stolen from schools around America. If anything can be snatched from the school, it will be. Some of these Tik Tok posting kids have stolen something then revealed it onto Tik Tok with the hashtag of “#deviouslicks”.

To school staff and admin, theft is not what they deal with right now. Especially only a few weeks into school, with the virus, and the pressure piling on. Tik Tok is doing everything in their power they can do to stop the trends. They have deleted content, redirected hashtags, and even moved search results to its community guidelines page. Nothing has worked.

This viral Tik Tok trend started on September 1, 2021 when a Tik Tok user named “jugg4elias” shared a video of them at school revealing a box of disposable masks in their backpack. It had the hashtag of “absolutely devious lick.” This post had more than 230,000 views. Days after this post, another video was posted but this time with hand sanitizer. Still, the same hashtag. But this time, there were 7.2 million views. Stuff like this has even happened around Rio Norte. 

Many believe that no one will be able to stop the trend. Not even Tik Tok.