Online or Inperson?

Ananya Joseph

COVID-19 is a dangerous virus that impacts our lives one way, or an other. Some people lost their jobs, some lost their hobbies, and others lost their loved ones. To keep us all safe I think we should stay online until the pandemic settles down. Staying at home is better because it ensures our safety and controls the spread. 

With the new strand of virus, the Delta Variant, things get even more risky. The symptoms of this virus are so mild so even the slightest of coughs need to be acknowledged. Currently there are 175,487 new cases; with an average of 164,326 cases per day in the United States. There were 9 campuses in William Hart District that reported at least one positive COVID case, including Rio Norte. This news is not to freak anyone out or get them worried, it is to inform you about the life around us so you can protect yourself and your community. 

Some kids who were interviewed also said that online is better than in person. They mentioned how it is unsafe even with all the safety protocols and masks. Health Departments have kept lots of protocols like wearing masks, but kids might get tired of wearing masks all the time in class. They may forget to sanitize their hands or social distance. Sharing desks and chromebooks are some ways that the virus could spread. As much as I love to be back in school and experience it in person. I don’t think it is worth risking our well-being. 

We must consider everyone’s safety. There are some kids who have died from the vaccine. Because of this parents might be hesitant to give their kids the shot, but students who are not vaccinated might be more vulnerable to the virus when in school. Not all kids have gotten big side effects though. 7th grade student said,”Personally, when I got the 1st vaccine, my arm was paining in the area which I got the shot but that was it.” Most kids who were interviewed said the same.

Being online is a great opportunity to show that you can be trusted. Some kids might cheat on tests but the teachers can’t control that. Only you can control your actions, and do the right thing even when no one is watching;  have some integrity. The more good you do now the more it will reflect on your own future. 

Personally I agree, online is really hard, staring at the screen all day, internet issues, or no access to technology, it’s a struggle, but maybe adjusting to that for just a year or two could result in a great difference. “Sacrifice is a part of every journey to become great. Sacrifice now for a better future” – Unknown. If the past two years have taught me anything, it is that we are all in this together. One person won’t work unless we all do.