Growing Covid Cases in Hart District


Artin Fashandi

As all students are coming back to school and are not attending zoom classes anymore.  There are still a lot of challenges and increasing policy prevention that students, staff and teachers must face.  By attending the new school year, the main concern is the dread Covid-19 and Delta variant. With a mix of treatments, understanding and optimism, teachers, staff, and students are hoping to return to the classroom in larger numbers. There were more cases of Covid-19 and Delta variants which forced a new round of pandemic policies with debates.  A major fear that might happen is an overwhelming  increase of Covid cases that may cause students, staff and teachers to restart schools and zoom. And the data below is specific to individuals who have been and also physically and on present campus also quote from signalscv. His department’s data indicated that 10 students and one staff member with the Castaic High School cheer team and 13 students with the West Ranch High School cheer team have had confirmed cases of COVID-19, as of Friday, Aug 13. Most schools had to shut down because of 14,000 cases of students tested positive from covid-19 since schools were closed in late june to july 1,000 across 31 states also in rio norte junior high schools there are 115 staff members and since october 1 2020 there has been 7 covid cases. At rio norte junior high there are 1100 students and on october 1 2020 there have been 5 cases at rio norte junior high school also a quote from mr. flores  the heart district of our communication and what is happening through the country and if numbers are growing in different places they will grow in schools.  Mr. Flores also said there are flowing covid safety procedures like wear a mask at all times only when you can have your mask off is when you see outside also some more quotes from mr.flores before as of this week students who are exposed to covid don’t have to go home. As of now they can stay in school as long as they are tested negative one day or two and day five. And the test ave to be negative so the big difference is that the only students that stay home is the students that tested positive from Covid-19