Pho, the Greatest Noodles of All Time


Courtesy of Wikipedia

Lucas Nguyen

I love pho. It’s the honest truth. Maybe it’s just my Vietnamese heritage coming into play, but these noodles are amazing. Out of all the noodle soup tyrants, such as ramen, udon, chow mein, or even saimin, only pho rises above the rest. Back off weebs, ramen noodles are not the only noodle soup in town.

Originating in Vietnam in the late 1800’s, this soup is derived from both French and Vietnamese cooking, as well as Chinese spices. After the French occupied and colonized Vietnam, much of their culture blended with the Vietnamese culture, to create the dish known as pho. In 1954, pho started spreading from the Northern side to the Southern side. During the Vietnamese War, many Vietnamese refugees immigrated to the US, taking pho with them.

Pho takes many of the original noodle soup properties, such as the meat, the noodles, and the soup base. But, there are many differences all the same. Pho starts with raw meat instead of cooked meat. That way, the meat is fresh when it is put in, and amazingly, cooks as a result of the hot broth. Also, pho has a unique oxtail broth, which adds a very fatty, but lean flavor to the soup. The noodles are very small and thin rice noodles, but there is a simple abundance of them in each bowl. You sprinkle some lime, cilantro, peppers, green onions, and enjoy!

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