Celebrate Halloween 2020


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Aleyda Santos

Since the Center of Disease Control and Prevention has announced safety guidelines for Halloween this year, which insists on avoiding trick-or-treating and large gatherings. But that doesn’t mean the holiday is canceled! There are still some ways to make Halloween feel special like the previous years before and just as festive. So don’t worry. All you  need is a costume, snacks, and to set the mood, scary movies!


1.Carve Pumpkins.

Carving pumpkins is such a classic Halloween activity for a reason. All you need is pumpkin (which you can find in your local grocery store around you) and some pumpkin carving tools, which usually come in a set or pack. You can either free-hand draw it or you can use templates and printouts that can be found on the internet.




2. Scary movie marathon.

Halloween town and Hocus Pocus may get you in the mood, but I recommend spicing it up with some seriously scary movies  unless that isn’t your thing. These top horror movies  are guaranteed to make you look over your shoulder and check your surroundings. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

3. Listen to a  Halloween Playlist.

There is no such thing as no time to have a dance party, and streaming services such as spotify and youtube playlist that feature major/popular  throwbacks like “Thriller” and “Monster Mash.”

4.  Host a virtual party.

Zoom and google hangouts have become the norm for the upcoming holidays this year, so send that invitation link to people closest to you and tell people to mark their calendars. Bonus points to the people who wear their costumes.



5. Decorate the house.

Nothing will get you more in the spirit of halloween than decking out your house in yellow, black, and orange. Throw in a couple of decorative pumpkins and you’re all set. If you want to make things more fun, invite a few friends to make the decorating more memorable.




6. Ghosting

Ghosting has become a popular tradition  over the years, and it’s a great way to show people you’re thinking of them even if you can’t hang out with them. Here is how it works: You make a bag  of Halloween- themed goodies and leave it on a neighbor’s or  friend’s house doorstep with a note that encourages them to “ghost” someone else.