Godzilla vs Kong


Lucca Gomez

On March 21st, 2021, two titans fit for the title of “King of the Monsters” will enter into an apocalyptic clash to see who will triumph. On one hand we have Godzilla, a biologically nuclear nightmare with enough power to turn San-Francisco into a charred, burning scrapyard, as well as breathing Atomic Fire onto his enemies. On the other hand we have Kong, the largest primate ever discovered, capable of outsmarting his opponents with his large human-like brain and posture. The question is, who will take the crown? In this article, we’ll be going down to the hard facts to determine which of these two city decimators will have the advantage in their duel to the death.

For our first combatant, we’ll be looking at Godzilla, defending his title as King of the Monsters. “Now grown to almost 400-feet tall, Godzilla stands as king of all he surveys. Initially thought to be a threat, we now understand his potential to become our world’s ultimate guardian, a towering apex predator emerging from the mysterious depths of the ocean to battle aggressors that threaten the balance of nature.” (Dr. Serizawa)  Godzilla is described as a large, lizard-like creature that is also bipedal. His physical features include dark gray scales, large gills, large dorsal plates on his back, short arms, and neon blue bioluminescent organs that glow whenever he’s attacking or intimidating. Godzilla’s bite force is 35,000 psi, which can inflict huge bite attacks to Kong. However, his teeth aren’t as big as Kong’s. Godzilla’s weight is well over 450,000 tons, and his muscle composition is so strong that he can survive a 15-megaton hydrogen bomb without being severely wounded. Though Godzilla looks much slower than Kong, his speed is not to be underestimated. Godzilla can reach a top speed of 350 mph on land, and 40 knots if he’s swimming. Although he seems biologically omnipotent, Godzilla can also boast attacks that can and will completely eviscerate anything that gets in his way. As he has shown throughout many years, Godzilla can breath atomic fire from his mouth. As it charges, his spikes begin to glow, just before he unleashes his explosive laser breath. During his fight with a creature called King Ghidorah, Godzilla unleashed a last-resort attack known as a Thermonuclear Pulse. This made Godzilla’s scales and spikes glow bright orange, as well as heat up his body to more than 600,000 degrees. As he charges his attack, Godzilla emits massive amounts of radiation, before unleashing a nuclear shock wave off of his body. Put simply, Godzilla can explode like a nuke without killing himself. Although Godzilla is powerful, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any weaknesses. His weak points include his gills, because if Godzilla is struck there, he’ll be stunned and more vulnerable to many more attacks. He also has many other weak points, like his small arms ( he can’t reach over his back), his stamina (it depletes very fast if running), and he is less intelligent than Kong (his skull is smaller than Kong’s, making his brain smaller than Kong’s).

Now for our second combatant, Kong, King of the Apes. Kong is described as a huge primate, with orange-brown fur and grey skin. “Standing over 100-feet tall, the beast they call Kong is a primate of such size and ferocity that his very existence rewrites every chapter of evolutionary theory. More mountain than mammal, his towering form shaking the ground with each thunderous step. It is hard to say how long Kong has existed, but initial analysis of bone structure and teeth suggests the creature is an adolescent. He’s still growing.” He can be both Bipedal and Quadruped (walk on 2 or all 4 legs), and he has human-like ingenuity. Even though his bite force is only 16,000 psi, Kong’s canine teeth are much larger than any of Godzilla’s teeth, which means that Kong could be able to pierce Godzilla’s skin! Kong’s stamina is also much higher than Godzilla’s, because of Kong’s human-like posture and long legs. His top speed is 230 mph, yet he cannot swim, he can however, jump very high. Since Kong relies heavily on his legs and arms, Kong is able to climb almost any surface in order to get to higher ground, allowing him to jump down on Godzilla for a sneaky surprise attack. Kong fights with more finesse than Godzilla, which makes Kong’s fighting techniques like that of a wrestler, using his arms as his main weapons. Kong also has the ability to create weapons from his surroundings. For example, in “Kong, Skull Island”, Kong fights a creature named the “Alpha Skullcrawler”. In this scene, we see him grab a tree, rip off all the branches, and use it as a wooden bat to smash the Skullcrawler’s face. We also see Kong use a rusty propeller attached to a chain as a spiked flail against the Skullcrawler, by throwing the propeller into its back. In the trailer for “Godzilla Vs Kong” (or GvK), we see that Kong also wields an axe made from one of Godzilla’s dorsal plates. This axe can also glow when Godzilla charges his atomic breath. Kong uses the axe to siphon the power of the atomic breath, and uses it by smashing the atomic breath’s nuclear energy against Godzilla’s face as a nuclear shockwave. Nevertheless, Kong does have some weaknesses as well. Kong lacks bodily armour, which makes him more vulnerable to physical attacks like Godzilla’s atomic fire. Since Godzilla has hard scales, Kong’s attacks could barely damage Godzilla.

Now for the fun part, comparing both of their movesets to find out who will win in the new movie, “Godzilla vs Kong”. Looking back at the previous paragraphs, we can compare both Godzilla and Kong’s stats to figure out who has a higher chance of winning. Now, we’ll analyze Kong. Kong has very powerful legs and arms, which can deliver devastating damage to whoever he kicks or punches. He can also climb, and  can make tools and weapons. As I mentioned before, Kong has an axe made from a Godzilla dorsal spike, and let’s not forget that he can jump very high! Not to mention, his brain is very big, meaning Kong’s I.Q. is off the charts. Still, he has no bodily armour, which makes him susceptible to many of Godzilla’s physical attacks. Godzilla, however, has very thick armour. He can reach speeds of up to 350mph on land, which can lead to deadly charge attacks. He also has extremely powerful jaws, and he can also shoot atomic breath from his mouth. Remember, he also has a last resort attack called the Thermonuclear Pulse. This attack will burn off anything and everything’s skin and bone, including their vital organs. So, by comparing both Kong’s and Godzilla’s stats one more time, we can see that Godzilla could be the victor. He’s capable of using his bio-nuclear energy as his main weapon against many of his foes, and if you’ve seen “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”, you know his destructive power and it’s potential.

Many people have different opinions on who might win the war to claim the crown of “King of the Monsters”. We’ve literally gone over almost everything written about Godzilla and Kong. Looking at both Godzilla and Kong’s movesets, advantages, disadvantages, and even comparisons to see who might turn up victorious, who will win is up to you. This poses an important question, who’s side are you on?  Godzilla or Kong? The choice is yours, but remember this. One shall stand, One shall fall. Unless, of course, they team up?