Hobbies to Start


Grace Avelino

Finding the right hobby for you has many positive effects. Hobbies are a great way to destress by taking a break from your everyday tasks and worries and try something new; giving you something to improve and work on. They can lead to you discovering your hidden talents and connect with others who share your interests. Having a hobby also gives you something to be proud of. With all that being said, here are some hobbies you can get into right now!



Even if you’ve never cooked or baked anything in your life knowing how to make your own food is a life skill that you’ll use your whole life. You won’t need to rely on if Chick-fil-a is open or if you ran out of pizza rolls. When you take part in making your food you are more conscious of what goes into your food so you’ll be able to make better choices on what you choose to eat. Preparing your food is a great opportunity to spend time with your family while you make food to share.



Creating art can be anything from drawing to sculpting, to painting. This gives you the freedom to experiment with all different mediums to find one that best suits you. You can start drawing with next to nothing; just a pencil and paper or you could try digital art, on any of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps as you may or may not know if you sign in with your school Google account. No matter the medium, making art and creating gives you an outlet to express yourself and all the while have fun. Your art has the potential to make others feel something and tell a story.



Speaking of stories, recreational reading only takes a good book to completely transport you to a different place; a different time, one that could have butterflies as monarchs or show you the lives of ancient pharaohs. We’re currently amidst a pandemic where you might not be able to do what you wished or planned to; reading allows you to live vicariously through those in stories and take your mind off anything else in the world that might be worrying or stressing you out. Taking time for yourself to sit down and read also allows you to unwind and decompress, getting lost in another story other than your own.



If you can’t find a book you want to read, maybe that’s because the book you’re looking for hasn’t been written yet. You have the ability to create something original and incredible. You can write about anything, including your feelings, a pair of misbehaved shoes, cavemen, cursed lands, or anything in between. It doesn’t have to be a novel, you can choose to write poetry, short stories, or more of a journal; whatever you enjoy the most. With so many options, you really have room to make whatever you want out of your words.



It’s always good to get outside and move, especially when you are always on the computer for school. If you’re having a bad day or just in a bad mood, running will help you destress and put you in a better mood, releasing endorphins as you exercise. Running creates new neurons, increases blood flow, and regulates your hormones to have all your body’s systems working in well. Going outside to walk or run doesn’t need to be difficult with any special accessories and can be done with your family around your neighborhood or on any of the trails in Santa Clarita.

These are just a few hobbies you could have; just having a hobby in general that you enjoy doing lets you step away from your responsibilities to distress, while keeping you challenged and wanting to improve. No matter what you try, consider giving hobbies a shot, who knows you might just find your passion.