Fun and Fit in Quarantine


Courtesy of Boston University

Ava Canitillo

It is hard to find fun workouts and activities during Covid-19.With all that is going on right now a nice active stress reliever is just what you need.

The first workout channel called Emkfit  is accessible through Youtube. Emkit is free and features dance workouts to famous artist’s albums.That’s not all Emkfit also has regular workouts with no equipment needed.

The next workout channel is Boho Beautiful, this channel can be found with a quick search on Youtube. Boho Beautiful does workouts ranging from beginner to advanced, this channel also does yoga and stress reliever videos. If you’re struggling to find healthy recipes this channel also has food recipes and tips. I have used this channel myself and it is free!

Next, is the channel Pamela Reif, it is available on Youtube for free.Pamela Reif has quick workouts ranging from intermediate to advanced with no equipment needed. I have also used this channel and it is amazing, especially if you are in a rush but still want to be active.

The last channel is called Sunny Funny Fitness, you can find this channel by a quick search on youtube. Sunny Funny Fitness provides regular workouts to hit playlists and dance workouts to famous songs. I have also tried this channel and loved it, I learned a lot of new dance moves and worked up a sweat!

One of my favorites is Just Dance. It is both a channel and an app. It can be found on youtube for free or in your app store. Just Dance has dances to all your favorite songs , I often do it with friends and family because it is fun and physical.I hope these suggestions help you release stress, and stay healthy and happy!


Fitness Funny!!

Q.What is a Frog’s favorite exercise?

A. A Jumping Jack

Q.Why didn’t Cinderella make the basketball team?

  1. She ran away from the ball!!