MLB Starts


Andrew Kazaryants

The season started a couple weeks ago on April 1st 2021. It featured all 30 teams playing that night with limited capacity stadiums. This new season will be very interesting as the coronavirus has changed the rules, teams, and how it will go down. There will be many postponements of games due to the virus and it will be inevitable. If you are looking to go to a game this season, just know it will be at limited capacity and the games will be different.

First off, the stadiums will no longer hold all available seats. People will have to be about six feet or around six seats apart. Food and beverages being taken in from outside of the stadium will be prohibited and non-essential bags will not be allowed. Opening day was normal and featured all 30 teams. Although people are excited for the season, many people are worried it will be unlike the previous games. But Anthony Castrovince said this, “People reacted to opening day and this year will be like every other year.” He reassured that this season will be no different other than the fans at stadiums.

The season will be a full 162 game season that will most likely take longer than normal. Games have already been postponed which is worrying, but will still be fine as they will be played later on in the season. Because of postponements, double headers will now have 7 inning games to help with stamina and they will be played more often than usual. Last year, it was a small 62 games season, which is 100 games less, so being able to immediately transfer to a 162 game season again is very lucky.

Injuries will be a huge problem this season with coronavirus protocol happening all over the MLB. Because of this, teams will have an expanded roster size. There will be no limit on the amount of pitchers and there will be a mandatory 28 players per roster. The time in the ballpark will also be shortened due to the virus, helping players stay safe and not in harm. Injuries with the virus will cause many players to be missing games, so the expanded rosters was a great and classy act by the MLB, helping multiple teams out with their roster.

All in all, the MLB season will be a memorable one with the virus going around and seeing how teams adjust to this. There will be many problems and injuries, but I feel like it will be successful. The roster size updates and game postponements will be huge making it easier for teams to keep up. This season is going to get interesting, and I hope everyone is hoping the players, staff, and fans stay safe during this season.