Skiing Vs Snowboarding


Courtesy of Lucas Nguyen

Lucas Nguyen

Among all of the winter sports, skiing and snowboarding are among the most popular. Why? Well, there are many reasons why many people enjoy spraying powder every winter. But, there is one prominent question when it comes to these two sports. Should I ski or snowboard?

Skiing and snowboarding both follow the same principles. They both are enjoyed on snowy mountains, and they both have to glide on the snow. They also require you to be wearing a special type of boot to strap you to the skis, or the board. But, there are many differences, many of which are very prominent. I am going to go over them to help you decide which sport is right for you, especially with winter coming up.

Courtesy of Lucas Nguyen

First, let’s start with skiing. Skiing uses two, slim “Popsicle sticks”, which are attached to your feet. They use special boots which I will describe as, “bricks for feet”. These boots are large, plastic boots, which are strapped very tight on your feet. These boots can be a pain to put on, but when it comes time to attach the skis, it gets a lot easier to handle. As well, the actual skiing part is different from snowboarding. When you ski, you keep both of your skis parallel, and turn by angling your feet toward the direction you want to go. There are also poles that you can use. These poles can help you signal turns to people behind you, and to also help you turn. I myself am a skier, and I can assure you that skiing is a much easier thing to learn, but it is hard to master.

Next, let’s talk about snowboarding. Snowboarding is very much like skateboarding. You have one singular board, and you stand in a skateboard-like stance. Your boots are easier to put on, and are more comfortable to wear. But, they are a trouble to attach to your board. Turning in snowboarding is a bit harder than turning in skiing. You have to keep the nose of your board facing downhill, and you have to aim with your front foot where you want to go. Snowboarding is the harder of the two, but is very fun once you can get past the hard parts.

Lastly, let’s talk about the general rules that most slopes have. Most slopes follow the same rules, so having to research on certain slopes is not too important. When you are going on a ski lift, don’t be shy to sit with a

Courtesy of Lucas Nguyen

stranger. The ride will be over soon and it will make the line less chaotic. Also, the person in front of you has the right of passage. Try not to be rude and to cut in front of them, as that can cause an accident. When an accident does occur, take off your skis and plant them in the snow to make an “X”. If you are a snowboarder, try to plant it straight upward. There are also different levels of slopes. There are greens which are the best for beginners, blues for intermediates, blue-blacks for advanced, black diamonds for masters, and double black diamonds for some of the most experienced. Always start on a green and make your way up the difficulties. Trust me, I’ve ridden double blacks and there is always a beginner, struggling to make their way down.

You might be wondering where some of the best slopes are, so here are my Top 5.
1. Steamboat, Colorado.
2. Snowbird, Utah.
3. Aspen Snow-mass, Colorado.
4. Alta, Utah.
5. Mammoth Mountain, California.

As a skier myself, I enjoy traveling to slopes every winter to ski. If you are interested in a winter sport, then this was the right guide for you.