Why Parents Shouldn’t Take Your Phones


Fiona Brown

“Mom, my ankle hurts.” “It’s because of that darn phone, you don’t need that much time on it!” Does that sound like something you might hear? In my opinion, parents shouldn’t blame everything on the phone THEY got you. The reason why you shouldn’t get your phone taken is because it comforts your kid, it helps communicate with others, and it can improve time management.

The first reason why you shouldn’t get your phone taken is because it comforts some kids. Most parents are under the impression that social media is toxic. And in most cases that would be true. But for some kids, their phone is an escape. If you are on the right side of social media you get helpful tips, instead of hate. You can be on twitch watching your favorite streamer, or watching tv like an escape into a different world. When kids feel sad most of us don’t want to do the dishes or stare at a wall, we want to interact. And even though it has its cons, your phone is a good way to do that. 

The second reason why parents shouldn’t take your phone is because it helps communicate with others. I personally don’t want my parents to get mad at me for talking to my friends. “It’s rotting your brain, over text people get misunderstood.” Calling is a good way to fix that! Think more about the solution than the issue. Parents often overlook the pros of having a phone. Communicating with friends especially in 2021 is important. If we get stuck in quarantine then how will I not go mentally insane, because I personally need to talk to people.

The second reason why you shouldn’t get your phone taken is because it helps with time management. A lot of parents think that taking their phone to do homework will motivate them. “It will help when you’re in college!” Will it? Or will it just make me want to go on it once I finally get my freedom? Natural consequences can help. If I don’t get my homework done in time then it’s my fault if I have to stay up until 11:00 PM, not my phone. If I keep my phone now, I will take those skills with me when I go to college. And I can use my own time management. Therefore, it can help me be more independent with time management.

After all this information I hope you’ve been convinced to not take your child’s phone away. Because it comforts kids, helps communicate, and improves time management.  And if you are a kid that gets your phone taken away, show this to your parental unit.