Reopening the Cube


City of Santa Clarita Mayor Bill Miranda addresses a crowd at the opening of “The Cube” Ice Rink Monday morning. April 12, 2021. Bobby Block / The Signal.

McKenna Moon

After the devastating announcement that the Skating Rink (The Cube) was closing its doors permanently last March after 20 years of successful business, the SCV skating community rallied together to “Save The Rink.” After thousands of residents of Santa Clarita contacted the City Council, pleading for them to not close the beloved rink, the city did some research. They discovered that the rink was actually the city’s most used venue! Even more than city parks, libraries, and even more than community centers! The purchase of the rink felt necessary for the Santa Clarita Mayor Bill Miranda.

Because of the city’s bold moves, the $14.49 million dollar purchase was made. With that money spent, they received the 93,000-square-foot-building and the assets that came with it.”We would not be here if it wasn’t for the passion, the commitment and the grassroots movement of all the people here and more beyond here that said, ‘We can’t let this stand, we can’t let the ice station go away. We have to do everything we can to save it and keep it a great place for families to come and enjoy,’” the Mayor Bill Miranda said.

Luc Robitaille, president of the Las Angeles Kings, was proud of the city for saving the rink and the opportunities the Cube presents for young skaters. “This is for you guys”, Robitaille said to the skaters gathered at the reopening of the rink. 

The Kings and the team’s partner, American Sports Entertainment Co., were awarded a five-year contract to manage the skating rink. The rink got lots of repairs including renovations, new and improved paint, new ice, and even a new LCD screen out front! Dozens of skaters eagerly gathered outside of the rink’s doors, excited to reenter what they consider their “second home.”

“I pretty much grew up here, so it’s really exciting to have my second home come back into the community,” figure skater Brooke Tripp states. Another figure skater Courtney Brewster has been skating at the rink since she was 8 and then became a full time staff coach at age 17. She too called the rink her home. She states”It took a community effort to save it for us older (generation) and the kids,” she said, “So it was a full-circle kind of movement, and it’s really super exciting for everyone.